Sean Whonnock
carver painter jeweller

Family Seagull Crest

Seagulls are skilled hunters and aerialists. Design incoporates the faces of Sean and his sisters.

Acrylic paint on paper
Coming Together, Working Together

Yellow, black, red and white hands represent people of different ethnicities coming together in peace and working together.

Designed for the Vancouver Aquarium.

Acrylic paint on paper
Grizzly Bear Print

Acrylic paint on paper
The Many Faces of the Whonnock

Eagle placing creatures in a canoe, there are 22 faces in the design representing the Whonnock family

Acrylic paint on paper
Sean would be pleased to design a print to commemorate your convention, meeting or special event. Please contact Sean to discuss your event theme, participants, and media for reproducing the design.