Sean Whonnock
carver painter jeweller

Canoes and Poles
Completed in 2002, the 42 foot canoe is carved from a single
red-cedar (Thuya plicata) log. The curving beam and sweeping
form is shaped by traditional techniques using fire, hot water
and steam.

The traditional design offers a high length to width ratio for
speed. The wide beam and rounded bottom makes the canoes
very stable and seaworthy when carrying  heavy loads. The
high bow sliced through rough seas without shipping water.
Canoes such as theses have plied coastal waters for centuries. 
A canoe can carry many paddlers and passengers along with
their cargo. For centuries these canoes were the main means
of transportation between coastal communities.

Each canoe and pole is custom designed on commission.
Whonnock family canoe

Cedar, marine paint

Length: 42 feet

Beam: 4 feet

Location: Alert Bay, BC Canada
Whonnock Memorial pole
Alert Bay BC
Thunderbird Park, Victoria BC
Sean Whonnck and Johnathan Henderson
Memorial poles, cemetary Alert Bay, BC